Draymond Green: "Teams Know They Don't Have a F------ Clue"
Draymond Green
Draymond Green did some serious sh*t-talking in an interview with GQ (Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

After the wildest offseason in sports history – one that saw stars such as Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Chris Paul and Kyrie Irving switch teams – the landscape of the NBA looks dramatically different. The very top of the league, however, remains unchanged. The Golden State Warriors still reign supreme, and forward Draymond Green is sticking his tongue out and cackling at the teams vying for second place. From Clay Skipper of GQ:

“What the fuck are you talking about?” he says to me. “They are really trying to rethink their whole strategy”—here he bumps a table repeatedly with his hand for emphasis, getting excited—“because teams know they don’t have a fucking clue.”

Green tauntingly mocked the efforts of the Cleveland Cavaliers:

“That’d never been done!” Green exclaims. “They don’t come out and hit twenty-four threes and they’re swept. And that’s the second best team in the world. It’s pretty fucking sick to see how everybody is just in a fucking panic about what to do. You sit back and think, like, these motherfuckers, they know. That’s the fun part about it: They know they don’t stand a chance.”

The GQ story is chock-full of absolutely legendary quotes by Green, because, well, Draymond Green is a goddamn quote machine. Here’s another brilliant one:

If I never win another championship, I will forever be called: Draymond Green, NBA fucking champion.”


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