Drake Teases 'Scorpion' Follow-Up Album | Def Pen
Kevin Mazur/VF18/WireImage

Drake makes a special announcement during one of his last tour stops.

Drake has been making his rounds across North America during the ‘Aubrey & The Three Migos’ tour. And on Wednesday night of his Edmonton, Canada stop, the Toronto native announced that he plans on making a follow-up album to his fifth studio album Scorpion (2018). On a fan recorded clip, Drake stated,

“Six shows left. So, I guess most people would go on a vacation, or I don’t know what they do… But I’mma tell you what I’m gonna do. Because I keep having nights like this that remind me why I love my job so much, I promise you that as soon as this tour is over—and maybe I’ll take, like, a little break—I’mma get right to work on a new album, so we can be right here in Edmonton and have a new party.”

Drake also previously told fans during his Nashville show in September that he would be heading to the studio to work with Tay Keith when he concludes his tour. He said,

“I’m about to go finish this tour, I’ma go home. I’m gonna spend some time with my family, with my friends and I promise you that the next thing I’m doing is going right back to the studio with Tay Keith from Memphis, Tennessee and we gonna make us some more music.”

Drake is pretty serious about getting back in the studio and fans are looking forward to more music from ‘Champagne Papi’. Stay tuned for updates.


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