Donald Glover
Source: NBC/Saturday Night Live

Among the many things that Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover did last week, he hosted Saturday Night Live. During his appearance on the iconic sketch comedy show, Glover and the Saturday Night Live crew took aim at artist Kanye West in a sketch called “A Kanye Place”.

Glover and company spoofed popular horror movie, A Quiet Place, by creating a fictional scenario in which a monster that reacts to loud noises snatches each character one by one as they humorously react to Kanye’s tweets. Glover begins the sketch by mentioning that Kanye is tweeting about President Trump to which his friends find surprising and from there, it’s all downhill. Each person continues to react and talk too loudly when discussing Kanye’s antics which leads to the monster finding them and snatching them off to their presumed death. The scene ends with Glover in some sort of safe house bumping “Lift Yourself” until the monster hears him and takes him away too. Just before he’s snatched away, Glover jokingly mentions, “[Lift Yourself] kind of grows on you.”

The sketch got a great reaction from those watching at home. Among those who voiced their appreciation for the sketch was Kanye himself. Kanye tweeted a link to the scene with a caption complete with thumbs up and fire emojis.

It’s unclear whether or not Kanye knows that SNL is laughing at him and not with him, but it’s nice to know that among the things Kanye has appeared to have lost (i.e. his mind) that he hasn’t lost his sense of humor.



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