Recently Unseated Congressman Begins Career As Hollywood Screenwriter | Def Pen
Dana Rohrabacher
(Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times)

In today’s age, it is rare for someone to stay in one place or even on one career path for more than a few years. This is even more true in the world of entertainment. We’ve seen athletes become actors and authors become on-air personalities. Not to mention, LeBron James is running a production company and the most commercially successful rapper of the last six years was a child actor. To put it plainly, things change and they change even quicker in the world of entertainment. With that being said, Dana Rohrabacher is looking to make a change that few have ever attempted.

Former California Republican Congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, is looking to make the leap from Capitol Hill to Hollywood as a screenwriter. While clearing out his office space following his recent election night defeat, Rohrabacher says, “People forget I was a writer by trade.” He also adds, “I was not Ronald Reagan’s best speech writer — but I was his fastest. That’s my style. Work your damndest to file on time, then tinker with it until it’s perfect.”

Over his career, the congressman has produced scripts for adventure films and World War II period pieces. Despite his passion, Rohrabacher’s political past could inhibit his progress in Hollywood. The former congressman has been outwardly pro-Trump and an ally to Putin. It’s unclear whether or not his past will conflict with his ability to get work in the Hollywood, but only time will tell.


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