Andrew Cuomo and Donald Trump To Meet Wednesday To Discuss Infrastructure | Def Pen
Andrew Cuomo
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo attends the ceremony marking Billy Joel’s 100th performance at New York’s Madison Square Garden, Wednesday, July 18, 2018. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Today, Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to discuss developments in the Gateway Project. The proposed project is set to improve passenger rail lines between Newark, New Jersey and the Big Apple. If not improved soon, these rail lines could pose a major issue for thousands of commuters in the tri-state area.

In a statement, Governor Cuomo confirmed the meeting is set to take place this week. Cuomo stated, “I recently sent a video of the tunnels that fully explains the situation to President Trump.” He later added, “The video shows the decay inside the tunnel. I spoke to the President after he received the video and we have a tentative meeting scheduled for tomorrow with the President to continue to discuss the tunnel project.” He ended by stating, “This is not a partisan issue but a practical government necessity.”

The meeting comes at a bit of surprise given the rising tension between the two politicians. Previously, the Trump administration stymied funds for the project. Trump has also gone as far as to tell Cuomo that his political career is over. On the other end, Cuomo has accused Trump of  “fanning the flames of racism”. He also took a shot at Trump’s campaign slogan by saying that America was never that great.

Despite their back and forth remarks, Trump’s team has expressed their overall support for the project. Hopefully, some good will come from the two meeting.


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