Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell (Getty Images)

Who says the commissioner isn’t popular?

Roger Goodell is close to signing a five-year extension to remain commissioner of the NFL. This would see him remain on board through 2024 as his current contract end in 2019, Daniel Kaplan reports.

This extension follows closely to the one Goodell signed in 2012, which paid him more than $35 million per year. He first became commissioner in 2006 after Paul Tagliabue retired.

The extension could come as a shock to some as Goodell has clashed with some of the league’s more well known owners. The four-game suspension handed out to New England Patriots and their quarterback Tom Brady lead to a drawn out legal battle prior to the 2016 season. Even more recently the NFL just handed down a six game suspension to Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys star running back.

The Patriots and Goodell tension seemed to remain until the team won the Super Bowl in February. While Jones has remained mum on Elliot issue with no statement coming since the suspension was delivered in Aug. 11

With his contract ending and two of the league’s top owners at odd with Goodell there was some speculation that his tenure was coming to an end. However, he does not need the approval of all 32 owners to remain at the helm, as the competition committee was given the power to make this decision.

The most important part of this would be that this extension would keep Goodell in power for the next collective bargaining agreement. The CBA is set to expire in 2020 with both side already preparing for the worst.


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