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Alabama leads the way in the first College Football Playoff Rankings (Marvin Gentry/USA TODAY Sports)

College Football Playoff Rankings

Who deserves to be in the top 4?

The most anticipated, exciting part of this new College Football Playoff format is the weekly rankings. Every Tuesday until the final rankings, America sits on the couch and waits, partially sweating. After viewing the first edition of the rankings, there is definitely an eyesore. A clear-as-day out-liar: the Clemson Tigers. A team that hasn’t really beat anybody impressive, rather losing to Syracuse two weeks ago. After barely coming off a win against Georgia Tech, the entire country is wondering how this team is in the top-4.

Before digging more into the evidence, let’s get something straight. Imagine beating the number two team in the country, who is undefeated. Then a few days later, getting topped by a team who lost to Syracuse two weeks ago, and squeaking by a mediocre Yellow Jacket team. That’s like doing all the work on a project while someone sits and plays on their phone. I may be overreacting a bit on this, but how can you not? Sure, Clemson has a good win against Auburn, but who have they beat? And yes, Clemson can definitely compete against top teams, but you’re leaving out a team who knocked off an undefeated top-2 team in the country.

College Football Playoff
J.T. Barrett completed his final 16 passes against Penn State. (Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

Although this is only the first edition of the Playoff Rankings, there still needs to be some explanation. We all understand and know that this isn’t the final rankings, but come on. You cannot leave out a team who destroys every team on the schedule with only one loss. It’s also crazy how far Oklahoma has jumped up, all the way to No. 5, now that we’re on the topic of Ohio State’s only loss. Oklahoma has beat the Buckeyes earlier this season, but that was before the wheels fell off for the Sooners. Since then, Oklahoma seems like an average, top 20 team to me, and most of the country. They almost lost to Baylor, have they even won yet?

Overall, again, this isn’t the final edition of the Playoff Rankings. We still have around four weeks left of College Football yet to be played, so we can just relax for a little bit. Let’s just hope they get it right for the final, which may be the hardest year yet.


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