Jamie Collins
Cleveland Browns linebacker Jamie Collins. (Getty Images)

Logic might suggest that all the losing the Cleveland Browns have done that they were paying for taking big risks. Risks that didn’t pan out. In actuality, they’ve been too conservative in their roster construction. Draft after draft, they’ve passed on quarterbacks and other skill position players in favor of some others. One of the risks they did take was acquiring linebacker Jamie Collins from the New England Patriots. Now, Collins is going to miss the remainder of the season with an injured knee (specifically, his MCL).

Subsequently, the Browns have place Jamie Collins on Injured Reserved.

Cleveland traded a third-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft to the New England Patriots on October 31, 2016, for Collins. (Naturally, the Patriots ended up involving the draft pick from the Browns in another pick-related trade.) Before the trade happened, it was clear Collins had fallen out of favor with the New England coaching staff.

If the Browns thought they were getting an impact player in Collins, they may have been sold fool’s gold. But he has been steady. His best year by far was as a Patriot in 2014. That season, Collins started 15 games and amassed 91 tackles and four sacks.

Since the trade, Jamie Collins hasn’t approached those numbers, however. After the trade, he appeared in eight games with the Browns. In that time, he had 48 tackles, two sacks, and a forced fumble. This season, Collins started six games and accounted for 21 tackles, three passes defended, one sack, a forced fumble, and one interception.

It was during the return of his one interception when his injury took place.

Jamie Collins is in his fifth season out of Southern Mississippi. According to the Browns depth chart, James Burgess, Jr. takes over the starting linebacker spot in place of Collins.


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