Childish Gambino Drops 'This is America' and Twitter Loses It | Def Pen
Source: RCA/Doomsday/Wolf + Rothstein

Fresh off dropping writing and directing his FX series, Atlanta, on Thursday, acting as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live and hosting Saturday Night Live, Donald “Childish Gambino” Glover decided to complete his incredible weekend with the release of his newest music video, “This is America”. “This is America” is an incredible four-minute escapade of Gambino dancing and shooting his way through American society. Ultimately, the dancing and gun violence acted as a metaphor for how media tends to focus on the entertainment black Americans provides rather than the deaths of black people due to gun violence unless it serves the argument of a self-aggrandizing non-black person. It is clear that Gambino put a lot of thought into his latest artistic offering and the internet could not get enough of it.

Radio personalities to media moguls to fellow rappers felt the need to let Gambino just how much they loved his work. Some went as far as to call Gambino’s work a masterpiece and others felt the need to call it the best video they’ve seen so far this year.

Media outlet, DJ Booth, also added a bit of additional information about the song’s purpose. DJ Booth noted that the song was a stand-alone piece of work that would not appear on Gambino’s upcoming project on RCA Records. Gambino had hinted earlier that this next album could be his last, so let’s enjoy #ThisIsAmerica while it’s still here.



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