Let’s talk about calculated moves. Just yesterday, news spread of beloved streaming platform, Soundcloud, was facing financial issues that would ultimately have their days numbered. With news spreading quickly, Chance The Rapper stepped up to the plate and put his connections to use to see just what he could do to help ensure that Soundcloud would continue to live on.

Fast-forward to today, Chance The Rapper announced that the streaming service is here to stay!

Now, in what could be a move of celebration for Chance and Soundcloud, the rapper has premiered a brand new record, “Big B’s.” Teaming up with Young Thug, the record kicks off with the animation of the Slime Season creator, before Chance The Rapper slides in with some bars and soulful sounds.

Ultimately, a win for Soundcloud, we’ll take this new track as an extra bonus. Take your listen to “Big B’s,” below.


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