Caper Introduces AI Self-Checkout Shopping Carts To New York City Area Grocery Stores | Def Pen

If you’re not prepared for the future, the future will prepare for you. Nowhere is this saying more true than in the world of technology. As time moves forward, self-driving cars continue to become more popular and Google Pay is the norm. Everywhere we turn technology is evolving in our everyday lives. This technological innovation can even be found in your local grocery store. Recently, Amazon has implemented self operating stores and Caper is looking to take their innovation one step forward. Caper’s newest AI shopping carts provide self-checkout on the go without the help of a cashier or checkout line.

The technology advanced shopping cart offers built-in bar code scanner and credit card swipe. In the future, Caper is looking to develop technology that would automatically scan items that you drop in to your cart thanks to multiple cameras and a weight sensor. The shopping cart is not in wide use as of yet, but it can already be found in two New York City area shopping centers.

Caper co-founder and CEO Lindon Gao explains, “If you walked into a grocery store 100 years ago versus today, nothing has really changed.” Gao argues, “It doesn’t make sense that you can order a cab with your phone or go book a hotel with your phone, but you can’t use your phone to make a payment and leave the store. You still have to stand in line.”

It’s unclear if these shopping carts will become popular in your everyday stores, but their definitely making headway with $3 million in fundraising. In short, the future is here and it’s coming fast.



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