Report: Trump Campaign Aide Socialized With Alleged Russian Agent During 2016 Election | Def Pen
J.D. Gordon
Credit: Gage Skidmore

As time goes on, it becomes more apparent that there may have been foreign interference with the 2016 election. Today, reports further supported the idea that there was foreign interference with the 2016 election. According to documents referenced in a report from The Washington Post, Martina Butina, an alleged unregistered Russian agent, had several interactions with former Trump aide, J.D. Gordon. Gordon, who served as Trump’s campaign director of national security for six months, exchanged multiple emails with the alleged foreign agent in September and October of 2016. However, the emails found pertain to the two meeting up to attend a concert. In addition, the Post’s report indicates that Gordon and Butina also met at a party held at the Swiss ambassador’s home.

While the interactions between the two appear to be relatively innocent in nature, the optics of the situation do little to help Trump fight off allegations of collusion with Russian officials. Butina is alleged to have been in direct contact with a high ranking Russian official as she developed relationships with the NRA and conservative politicians like Gordon. Gordon responded to the accusations of collusion by saying, “From everything I’ve read since her arrest last month, it seems the Maria Butina saga is basically a sensationalized click bait story meant to smear a steady stream of Republicans and NRA members she reportedly encountered over the past few years.” He also added, “I wonder which prominent Republican political figures she hasn’t come across?”

Butina’s lawyer has yet to add anything new to these latest reports.



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