Brett Brown: Markelle Fultz Situation “Most Complicated” Situation He Has Dealt With As Coach | Def Pen
Markelle Fultz
Philadelphia 76ers head coach Brett Brown (above) talked about the injury to number one pick Markelle Fultz as “the most complicated situation he has dealt with as a coach. (Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports)

The Philadelphia 76ers are getting full contributions from their plethora of rookies, aside from one. Markelle Fultz has been sidelined with injury for most of the season and Philadelphia is predictably being cautious. The details regarding the injury are fairly muddy too, adding to the complexity. On the Woj Podcast with Adrian Wojnarowski, Sixers coach Brett Brown called the situation the “most complicated” one he has dealt with as a coach.

“Markelle has been the most complicated and in someways interesting sitatuion that I have ever had to deal with as a coach,” Brown tells the podcast. “You’re (Fultz) the first player chosen, you’re 19 years old, you actually come in, play a little basketball, then it’s obvious there’s a problem with you’re shoulder and hence your shot. So how do we come in and reclaim that?”

“His heart is so much in the right place. He wants to perform,” Brown continues. “He is on as comprehensive of a plan as we (Sixers) have ever had. With regards to when Fultz is expected to return Brett Brown says it depends on “when we see the fluidity in his shot, when he can rise up and be Markelle Fultz.”

Brown referenced his level of comfort with this situation, citing the Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and Nerlens Noel injuries as similar in terms of required patience. Fultz is still two to three weeks away from being re-evaluated and does not have a clear timetable to return to game action.


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