Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

When it comes to a player like Brandon Jennings, who has come back from a lengthy injury and appears to be still productive, his future appears to have many doors. Trading, Re-Signing, playing for a different team, take your pick.

For a player of Brandon Jennings’ calibre, he should be a starter in this league. Through no fault of his own he can’t do that in Detroit due to Reggie Jackson’s rise and even though he’s apparently fine with being a team player, he can easily go to another place and thrive.

But with all this talk, Jennings is getting tired of it. He just wants to play and cross the bridge when it comes to him.

A respected Boston reporter started to approach Brandon Jennings earlier this week when the Detroit Pistons point guard lauched a pre-emptive salvo: “If one more person asks me about my contract. …

I’m just happy to be playing, man. I’m five games in. Like I told people, just give me 20 games and then judge me,” he said Friday.

The worst stuff, the stuff I’m tired of getting asked about, is my contract for one, if I’m going to be here next year, and if I’m going to start,” he said.

Obviously, you guys have heard the trade rumors,” he said. “All I get is Knicks feed in my Twitter mentions. So it’s kind of like, all right, we just won last night, how about our game? How about this person played bad, this person played good? I’m just getting all types of questions that has nothing to do with how I feel or how I’m playing.

Jennings is nearly back to where he was before the achilles injury, sure I can totally understand why teams want him. We forget how beast he was in Milwaukee, but Detroit look good, don’t want to toot my own horn but I called that. And Jennings has some reason for that.

What I can say about him is that wherever he is next season, he’ll be as good as the top point guards in the league.


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