Beto O'Rourke Defends Beyoncé From Political Critics | Def Pen

This election cycle was one for the history books. It was deemed to be the most important midterm election cycle of our lifetime and it lived up to the hype. We witnessed tight gubernatorial races across the board, records be broken and history be made. In addition, we saw more political involvement than ever before. In several states, voters broke early voting and absentee ballot records. Also, a number of public figures used their platforms to encourage others to vote. Among the many to make their voice heard were Oprah, Will Ferrell, Travis Scott, John Legend and LeBron James. Perhaps the biggest name to get involved in this year’s midterm election process was the queen herself, Beyoncé.

On election day, Beyoncé joined LeBron James and Travis Scott in publicly supporting Beto O’Rourke’s bid for the U.S. Senate. The platinum selling artist took to Instagram to post pictures of herself donning Beto O’Rourke gear. While the U.S. Senate hopeful was unsuccessful in unseating his opponent, Ted Cruz, the Beyoncé co-sign was definitely a positive. Unfortunately, Beyoncé caught a bit of criticism for not posting about her support O’Rourke earlier in his campaign.

With the election in his rear view mirror, O’Rourke took some time today to defend the Queen. O’Rourke told critics, “I am so grateful to her…She is one of the great artists of our time, one of the best people to come out of Houston and Texas. I was grateful that she supported us. Whenever it came, it was great.” He later added, “I’m feeling grateful for everyone before me who fought so hard to give us all the right to have a voice. We can’t voice our frustrations and complain about what’s wrong without voting and exercising our power to make it right. We need you.”

The two are clearly not bothered by the haters. O’Rourke is rumored to be mulling over a possible run for President in 2020. Meanwhile, Beyoncé is rumored to be working on some new music.



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