Benny India

I’m sure the weather in your region has been confusing to say the least, no? It’s mid-April and some places still have snow. In any case it’s GXFR season. That’s one thing we can all tell with no weather app, evident by this new heat from Benny and El Camino “India”.

You never put in work with me? then certainly I can’t vouch. That trap spot in ’03, I ran like a slant route.”. Somewhere Odell Beckham Jr. just had a flahback of a touchdown

Benny The Butcher continues to give us music that not only invoked the head nod, but touches your soul. Whether you were hand to hand yourself, saw it, or heard firsthand tales of the life: Benny makes you feel like you were there. From tales of the woman who took a charge for him, to how he repaid her, this could’ve easily been a short film.

Most importantly, Indy, for the risks she took wit me. put her job on the line to help turn five into fifty.”

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

Shout out to India.



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