Benicio Del Toro Cast In Oliver Stone's 'White Lies' | Def Pen
Benicio Del Toro
Benicio Del Toro set to star in Oliver Stone’s ‘White Lies’ which will start production in Spring. Cred. Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America

Benicio Del Toro and Oliver Stone will team up for ‘White Lies’.

Doing something outside of his typical realm, Stone’s script will be a social drama movie about loss, love, and family. Del Toro himself will play the main character, a child of divorce who repeats the same mistakes in his own marriage. After feeling trapped in this marriage, he sets out to discover himself on a journey that leaves him even more lost.

This isn’t the first time these two have worked before. In 2012, Del Toro and Stone worked on the movie ‘Savages’ which starred Blake Lively as the bait to a marijuana drug trade with the Mexican cartel. While this is clearly a totally different movie than ‘White Lies’, we can all rest assured that the director of ‘Platoon’ and ‘Natural Born Killers’ will make a good movie.

Oliver Stone’s catalog doesn’t stop there, he’s become a household name in Hollywood for a reason. Actually probably over 52 reasons. Over his long career, Stone has touched over 50 projects, whether it has been from a directors chair or as a scriptwriter.

Benecio Del Toro has also had himself a decorated career. From Star Wars to Avengers and James Bond movies, he’s done it all. He was last seen in Sicario 2: Day Of The Soldado where he stood opposite of Josh Brolin. The movie is set to start production in New York, sometime around spring of next year. With the main character and director set, the rest of the dominoes should fall in order.



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