'Bad Boys 3' Gets Working Title and Production Start Date | Def Pen
Bad Boys For Lif3
‘Bad Boys 3’ officially has a release date, working title, and production start date. Martin Lawrence had previously confirmed it to be in development. (Columbia Pictures)

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are officially set to start work on Bad Boys for Lif3 soon. The sequel is set to start filming on January 14th to be released January 17, 2020. Lawrence and Smith recently confirmed their involvement but it was unclear when filming would begin.

The rumored plot sees Lawrence’s Marcus Burnett working as a private investigator after he and Smith’s Mike Lowery had a falling out. Lowery will apparently be going through a mid-life crisis as a single man. The two are brought together when a bounty is put on their head by an Albanian mercenary. That synopsis has yet to be confirmed by Sony, but it was originally reported by ThatHastagShow. Smith and Lawrence are still the only cast members attached but with production starting soon, expect more information in the coming weeks.

The third installment in the franchise has been rumored to be in production since the second hit theaters in 2003. Even without the majority of the cast announced, this seems like the closest it’s been to a reality since then. However, it’s fallen through multiple times before so there’s always the chance the film gets pushed back yet again.

Bad Boys for Lif3 is set to hit theaters on January 17, 2020.


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