Amazon Will Begin Mailing Toy Catalogs Like Toys R Us Used To | Def Pen
Mike Segar/Reuters

If you were born before 2000, there’s a chance that a number of your best childhood memories were made in Toys R Us. There was no better feeling as a kid than walking through the aisles and seeing all of the new toys and video games. Best of all, you could play with the toys and video games without actually buying them. Unfortunately, all of those memories morphed into tragic nightmares this year when Toys R Us announced that it would close the last of its stores. On the bright side, Toys R Us will continue to sell toys through Kroger’s supermarkets. Even better, Amazon has found a way to give its older customers a chance to get that old Toys R Us feeling.

This holiday season, Amazon will mail out its own toy catalogs like Toys R Us use to do. Keeping with the times, the catalogs will also have QR codes that will allow customers to easily find the toys listed in the catalogs. In addition, Amazon will offer free shipping to customers who over more than $25 worth of toys.

On the bright side, Amazon is attempting to restore the feeling that Toys R Us use to give kids. On a darker note, this is a friendly reminder that Amazon is the new Toys R Us.


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