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David Hoffman

Today you can order clothes online, and many go traditional routes; but have you thought about dancewear? Dancewear has some qualities about it that make it especially desirable for everyday use.

For one, it’s meant to be seen. The costumes worn on stage are designed to inspire, dazzle, and—perhaps most importantly—allow for a free range of motion. Many formal outfits are made to look good, but moving is difficult, and they’re uncomfortable.

Dancewear may have some level of discomfort depending on how tight it is, and the physique of the wearer. But generally, a costume you use to pirouette and leap across a stage will allow more free motion. Imagine an evening gown that allows you to do a backflip. That’s dancewear, essentially. Well. Some dancewear.

If you’re a dancer, you might want to put some of your dance garments to use as everyday clothing. This is a style of dress that has become increasingly fashionable over the years and has now entered the mainstream. Following, six dance-inspired
outfits will be explored to help stimulate your imagination.

1. The TuTu Bottom

A tutu has a frilly, sophisticated, and extremely feminine look that is appealing to many. Also, not all tutus are pink like a flower; you can find them in any color you wish! That said, pink and black seem to be the most popular colors. They were designed to evoke flourishing bloom, and you’re likely to feel fresh wearing one.

You can pair such a bottom with any top you like. Go sophisticated, wear an ugly Christmas sweater for an ironic contrast—just ensure it contours with your physique! Or, you might pair it with a t-shirt for that trendy “punk” look that tends to make the rounds every couple years or so. Get creative, and pair it with something that makes you feel like the flowers you’re evoking.

2. Spandex, Leg Warmers, And Arm Warmers, Oh My!

The eighties are over—but are they really? Some of the more hip trends of the last decade have involved an exploration of styles that were in high fashion when the eighties were in full swing. Spandex has many uses, and you can pair it with a lot of different things. Leg warmers and arm warmers do as well.

You know how to fully flourish, don’t you? Eat right, and exercise regularly. Well, sometimes it can be cold where you live, and keeping in shape may be uncomfortable. A couple leg or arm warmers have a cute, “retro” look that is additionally functional. But you don’t have to exercise, and t,o wear them; and you can keep them with you as an optional accessory.

3. The Ballerina Sweater Wrap

A ballerina’s sweater usually has a v-cut, and some sort of tie-on solution near the waist. As has been noted, such garments are designed for elegance and ease of movement,, but additionally they can keep your body warm while emphasizing the curves you hold dear. You can pair this with any number of bottoms.

4. Ballet Slippers You Can Fit In Your Purse: Foldable

You do, and always want to wear high heels; and sometimes you need a slipper that still looks elegant to switch with them. Heels get painful! You’ve got to relax sometimes! Also, there are occasions when you’re better met walking quickly than slowly.

Foldable ballet slippers are durable, easy to store, wearable, look nice, and have more uses than simply allowing you to perform a pirouette on tip-toe! You might buy a few in your size that are colored to match your favorite outfits, and keep them in your purse for when the occasion demands it.

5. A Leotard Is The Original Onesie

Onesies made a resurgence in 2018, but you don’t need to go with the trendy brands to get the same effect. Leotards are designed to hug the body closely while insulating it and allowing for movement.

Additionally, if you get them from a dancewear company, you’re likely to find them at prices which agree with you, and in a variety of unexpected—but downright darling—patterns. You can pair a onesie with a tutu, or a ballet sweater, or a leather jacket; or whatever suits you at the time.

6. Loosen Up With Harem Pants

Harem pants, or “hip-hop” pants, hit the dance scene hard in the eighties; but remember where the name comes from! In one form or another, these have been around for centuries. With the new Aladdin reboot set to hit theaters in the spring/summer season, you might want to have a pair available for when the style shift sets in. They look fun, come in a variety of colors, allow for a full range of motion, and are yet trendy.

Dancing Through Your Daily Life

Whether you have dancewear just lying around, or you decide to buy some just for the purpose of switching up your regular wardrobe, you may find using such techniques suit you. You can go to JustForKix.com to find a variety of outfits that are new, classic, trending, and reasonably priced.

Dancewear need not only be confined to the studio where you practice your routines and hone your skills. You can wear such clothes wherever you go! So think outside the box, and see what dance-inspired outfits you can put together.


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