Lloyd Banks
Lloyd Banks (photo by Johnny Nunez)

The very first time I heard Lloyd Banks rhyme, it was on this gem entitled “Clips“.

go give back ya bronze chains. I’m #1 in the draft, just ask, you looking at the rap LeBron James.”

Allow me to tell this story again. My older brother told me who he was after seeing him appear in 50 Cent’s “Wanksta” video, and described how incredible he was. I paid it no mind at first because big bro was known to tell the type of joke that was so believable you’d think to yourself “who’d lie about that? he must be serious.” So, completely anticipating the punchline from him upon admitting I searched and found nothing, I hit Kazaa and found another kind of punchline. Immediately it changed the way I listened to rap.

lately I been going through a phase, hoping they ain’t tap the phones. Cuz we got pumps the size of saxophones.”

Ever since that day, Lloyd Banks has been my favorite rapper of all time. In a strange way the connection I have to his music ties back to the memories I have of my late brother because he introduced me to this greatness. From the “Victory” freestyle to “Big Bully” and everything after, it’s been clear that he never takes a bar off for filler.

Ma, I’m hip to the game, blue ice chips in the chain. A few nights skipped on the plane with two white chicks gettin’ brain.”

Today we celebrate the born day of Southside’s finest, Lloyd Banks. Whether you’re zoning out to “Cold Corner“, “4-30-09: Disc 1 & Disc 2“, “Return Of The PLK“, “Halloween Havoc“, or one of the many classics from Banks; turn it up.

Happy 36th Bornday to the greatest, Lloyd Banks.

“….it ain’t no coincidence that my age is a kilo.” -Jay-Z

“….36 years of doin’ dirt like it’s Earth Day.” -Pusha T


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