VIDEO: Kobe Bryant & Michael B. Jordan Star in Funny, New Apple TV 'Father Time' Spot | Def Pen

As Kobe Bryant’s career comes to an end, many have taken the time to reflect and look at what once was in the historic era of the ‘Black Mamba’. As many look at the great moments, many have wondered, what if there was a Kobe Bryant movie? Who would play the legendary guard?

In a new Apple TV commercial, we get a chance to possibly look at what that could be like when we see Michael B. Jordan in a Lower Merion jersey preparing for his role as Kobe in a movie about Bryant’s career and there is no one more capable of teaching Jordan about his role than Bryant.

Bryant begins by showing Jordan some old plays of him but MBJ quickly stops Kobe and tells him that he would be playing Kobe all the way through his life and shows the former MVP a clip from the movie ‘Benjamin Button’ to further push the point that he was going all the way through.

Kobe promptly kicks Jordan out of his trailer and makes sure that the ‘Creed’ star doesn’t take one of his plums before exiting. You got to give it to Jordan, he really does get into his roles.


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