Paul George
Paul George (Gregory Shamus/NBAE/Getty Images)

Game 1 of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers 2017 NBA Playoffs first round series was an excellent way to start the postseason. LeBron James and Paul George dueled as the game went back and forth down the stretch before the Cavs eventually held on to win the game, 109-108. But during the final play, Paul George didn’t have the ball in his hands for the final shot, despite starting the possession with the rock.

George was doubled so you can’t completely blame him for how the play broke down. The star of the team had two guys defending him so he had to give it up. That’s understandable. But what George wasn’t fond of was the fact that he didn’t get the ball for the final shot attempt and he made sure everyone knew it, C.J. Miles included.

You can’t blame George for wanting the final shot. He is the head of the Pacers snake but I assume that wasn’t the first thought in the mind of C.J. Miles. Plus, it was a great look for a potential game-winner so you can’t blame Miles for taking a chance. But with a disgruntled George recently openly criticized his teammate for not giving him shots late in games and also he’s possibly angling his way out of Indy, this might be something his Pacers teammates consider in the future.



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