chris-brown-ohb Hip Hop
April 30th, 2016 | Martin Soaries

Mixtape: Chris Brown & OHB – ‘Before The Trap: Nights in Tarzana’

Chris Brown announced this week via Twitter that he’d be teaming up with OHB (stands for Original Hood Bosses) on a collaborative mixtape, and ‘Before The Trap: Nights in Tarzana’ […]

1 Mixtapes
April 29th, 2016 | Cordell

Stream Yeah ReQ’s Long-Awaited ‘100 Roses’

“Living the story that was made for me…” 100 Roses. Brooklyn’s own Yeah ReQ has finally released his long awaited project. If you guys are unfamiliar with Yeah ReQ then […]

Black Frames Mixtapes
April 25th, 2016 | Cordell

Stream ShaqIsDope’s Mixtape ‘Black Frames’

  Canada is in the spotlight right now with the likes of Drake leading the way along with The Weeknd but when you shift the illumination just a bit, you […]

currensy-bs-cover Mixtapes
April 20th, 2016 | Charles Wall

New Mixtape: Curren$y – ‘Bourbon Street Secrets’

At this point seeing and hearing new Curren$y content fly across the internet is as common as Steph Curry from three. It’s expected and for the most part it’ll be […]

f490a243ab031298abe277855af8cc39 Mixtapes
April 20th, 2016 | Dame

Mixtape: Theory – “4Twenty”

  4-20, the day every smoker appreciates. Theory, a heavy chiefer himself has been quiet over the last few months, but he’s been quietly working. Today Theory releases, “4Twenty”, his […]

IMG_1443 Mixtapes
March 21st, 2016 | Cordell

Stream DJ Amarie’s ‘Girls Love Beyonce’ Mix

  Hey DJ Amarie, us fellas love Beyonce too. Don’t forget about us next time, okay? Cool. Nah I’m just messing with you. Anyways as you can see ladies, today […]

david-banner-before-the-box-mixtape Hip Hop
March 10th, 2016 | Charles Wall

Mixtape: David Banner – ‘Before The Box’

With the album The God Box on deck, David Banner drops the prelude Before The Box. Mind you, the album will come out May 13th, but fans get to enjoy […]

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