Vince Staples Big Fish Juicy J

An artist of Hip Hop that many of us wouldn’t dare question, in terms of talent, Vince Staples embodies plenty of key traits that students of the genre should possess. Already one album in and currently prepping the release of his sophomore LP, Vince Staples is back and he has brought a new single and music video with him.

Taking to social media several days ago to announce his Big Fish album, today has brought about the title track and its music video. A solo affair, Vince locks in and grabs our attention by force. Alone on a boat in the middle of the sea and luckily for him, the material is good enough where we don’t mind listening and watching what he presents.

Leaning towards the uptempo wave, Vince Stapes doesn’t let the mesmerizing production overshadow the story he has to tell. Giving us a dose of his signature flow, while implementing fresh styles, we’re welcoming the rapper back with open arms.

While we wait for his Big Fish album to tackle the sea of listeners that await the material, check out the music video for the single, below.


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