Playboi Carti Magnolia Music Video

If you’re suffering from a case of denial, you might not think that Playboi Carti’s “Magnolia” isn’t anything special or noteworthy. For others, they have helped bring plenty of attention to the tune as it’s become a staple for many playlists of Summer 2017. Taken from his self-titled mixtape, “Magnolia” is rather infectious.

Continuing on with promotion for the song as it doesn’t look to be dying any time soon, the rapper has premiered the accompanying music video. As expected and see via behind-the-scenes pictures, the rapper took to the streets of New York for the “Magnolia” visual. Only playing further on the playful nature of the cut, Playboi Carti covers all bases for the song, plus set. Equipped with some quick cameos from some of his music industry pals, the music video has no problem of getting the job done and driving home the message and themes at hand.

Entertaining, to say the least, take your watch of the rapper’s latest visual, below.


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