Ludacris Ty Dolla Sign Vitamin D Music Video

Properly scheduling and constructing his comeback, Ludacris is soon to be everywhere as he has a new movie headed to theaters this week and a new single, “Vitamin D,” building up steam.

Premiered less than two weeks ago, Ludacris returns again and this time he brings about the “Vitamin D” single’s music video. One that has always brought forth very entertaining music videos, this one fits right in. Playing the role of doctor, with some help from Ty Dolla $ign, Ludacris ensures that all the ladies are prescribed any and everything that they need.

A job well done, the new visual will only help drive more attention to the Sisqo-sampled single. With a new album on the way, we’re happy to have Ludacris back. Check out the new music video, below.


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