larry david curb hbo
Image Via HBO

Larry David is back with a new season of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ for HBO. The show went off the air in the fall of 2011 with no immediate plans to return. Since 2011 Larry David has been keeping busy with various side projects and guest appearances such as headlining a memorable stint on Saturday Night Live as Senator Bernie Sanders. During the show’s hiatus, Larry David never completely ruled out returning to ‘Curb’ but he kept insisting that he would only return if the stories were up to snuff. From the looks of the trailer, it seems like Larry has found the right material for Season 9. So much, in fact, the trailer is based on the fact the show has been gone for 6 years but yet nothing has changed with Larry or his antics. Also, it’s of note that the show has returned to Los Angeles. Which dashes the hopes of ‘Curb’ having an international season.

We’ve attached the official synopsis and trailer below.

Seinfeld” co-creator Larry David plays a version of himself on the improvised series. He faces a constant barrage of life’s little annoyances, which in David’s sometimes well-meaning but terminally fumbling hands don’t tend to stay small for very long – Via HBO


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