Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant and Nike look to put Los angeles kids on the right basketball path with their new Mamba League (Nike/Youtube)

Kobe Bryant’s final, unforgettable 60-point performance in his final game came a year ago and in his first retirement year, we’ve seen the Los Angeles Lakers legend stay involved in various basketball communities. He’s made appearances on various ESPN shows and has been open to working out and giving some additional help to current Lakers players, most notably rookie Brandon Ingram.

However, one field Bryant has been passionate about not only since he decided to hang it up but also towards the latter yers of his playing career is the way younger generations are taught the game of basketball. Kobe hasn’t always been the biggest fan of young player development nowadays and has been particularly critical of AAU.

Since his retirement, Kobe has been able to do more in regards to player development and now it seems he and Nike are ready to partner up and take it to the next level with a youth basketball league dubbed the ‘Mamba League.’ The league will be based in Los Angeles and Bryant has made the words ‘play, learn, grow’ the mantra to live by. You can watch the video for the league below.

Throughout his playing career and obviously here after it has concluded, Kobe Bryant has always had a tight-knit relationship with the Los Angeles community that he called home for more than two decades.

The league will be open for boys and girls aged 8-10 in four Los Angeles neighborhoods and is designed to mold the kids not only into better basketball players but into better people in general. It’s good to see Kobe enjoying his retirement life and spending his days working towards improving something he has always been really passionate about.


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