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Eric Bledsoe
Eric Bledsoe (Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports)

Phoenix Suns guard Eric Beldsoe…er.. I mean. Hold on.

Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe had a pretty funny start to his season. Back when everyone thought the Golden State Warriors would win every game, when people were still making 3-1 lead jokes and Derrick Rose was still fresh off his ‘superteam’ remarks. The NBA was heading into the Halloween holiday, for some the official start of the NBA season.

But for Eric Bledsoe, it seemed like he got tricked by an equipment manager when he strolled into the game wearing a Suns jersey with ‘Beldsoe’ on the back. Yep, ‘Beldsoe’ not Bledsoe.

You would assume some players would be embarrassed or even mad about the incident but for Bledsoe, he took it all in stride, and he says he’ll be finding a way to save that jersey.

Starting at about the 8-minute mark of a recent ‘Truehoop podcast conversations’ episode, ESPN’s Marc Stein and Bledsoe talked about the mishap and Eric revealed he’s going to be framing the jersey and putting it in his house. He’s not mad about the situation and even thought it was quite funny.

Based on his Instagram post following the incident and how Bledsoe explained the situation, you can tell Eric took it well and laughed about the whole situation.

Come on j lol

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