January 11th, 2017

REPORT: Derrick Rose To Seek Max Contract This Summer

David Morrow @_DavidMorrow
Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose wants a max contract that he’s not going to get (PHOTO: MICHAEL REAVES/GETTY IMAGES)

Derrick Rose hasn’t had the most impressive of seasons. He’s been fine, but he certainly hasn’t had a “return-to-MVP-form” sort of season. His season has been mostly nondescript. Occasionally he’ll throw down a huge dunk or finish an insane double-clutch layup and fans are reminded of what he once was – and hopeful that he can become the Derrick Rose of old. All in all, though, Rose’s season has been unremarkable – an adjective which can also be used to describe any of Rose’s past three seasons. Nevertheless, ESPN’s Ian Begley reports that Rose will seek a max contract this summer:

Some close to Rose have told friends he will seek a max contract this summer. For Rose, that pact would be for five years and nearly $150 million.

The Knicks would need to use nearly all of their cap space to ink Rose to a max contract.

The most notable part of Rose’s season thus far came when he missed a game without notifying the team. Because of that, and his lackluster season (by max contract standards) it’s probably (hopefully) safe to assume that the Knicks don’t want to max out Rose. After four consecutive “meh” seasons, it’s hard to imagine that any team would be willing to give Rose a max contract. Rose is gonna shoot his shot, though. He won’t get a max contract (unless some team is very dumb), but that won’t stop him from trying.

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