DEFcember Interview Series: Phreshy Duzit

Phreshy Duzit is a 23 year-old recording artist representing Detroit, Michigan and Brooklyn, New York. Showing influences from both cities, Phreshy’s style of music is both honest and exciting. Honest because he’s not afraid to rap about dark subjects (such as an aborted record deal with Atlantic Records) and exciting because he does so with an authentic flow and lyricism. He took some time out from recording his next project to speak with Def Pen’s Alex Smith about his recent mixtape “The New Religion”, his next project, fashion and much more.

What’s up, Phreshy? Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview with us. For the people who might not be familiar with you yet, let ’em know who you are and where you’re from. 

Phreshy: What’s good, It’s Phreshy Duzit, that “Detrooklyn” boy that is about to take over the world. Bitch.

Being from both cities, what are some of your favorite spots in Detroit and Brooklyn? Any restaurants you always know you have to hit when you’re in town?

Phreshy: In Brooklyn, ain’t no place like home. My bed and my mic. keep me company. In Detroit, my favorite spot is probably in the company of my parents, they’re holding it down in the D. I switch up a lot when it comes to food, though. I like trying out new spots. When it comes to Detroit though, I got to make the occasional visit to Benihana’s.

Besides music, you’re clearly someone who has an interest in fashion. What are some of your favorite brands? Are you a big sneaker guy?

Phreshy: Hell yeah, I spend most of my guap on clothes. I’m more into the fit and design of what I buy though, rather than the brand. A lot of these upscale brands make wack shit, too, so I look for something dope that compliments my style. I’ve been wearing a lot of underground foreign brands like KTZ, Christopher Shannon, etc. And as far as shoes, I got a mean Jordan collection, but I have been wearing nothing but Balenciaga Arena sneakers as of lately. How could I forget though, I rock my own shit, too. Neighborhood PHCK$ gear, go cop something.

Tell us a little bit about your “PHCK$” brand and what that embodies?

Phreshy: I just started selling merchandise. I was making custom pieces for my team and I since last year and the hats caught on. We released our first colorway about a month ago and it’s doing well. Neighborhood PHCK$ is a lifestyle, you’ll get more insight in the near future.

Something you’ve never been tight-lipped about is your past record deal with Atlantic, how do you feel that this has affected your career overall?

Phreshy: It was the best thing that could have happened to me. The collapse of that whole situation matured me. It also allowed me to revisit the creative zone I was in that led me to a record deal in the first place. I had too many people trying to guide me in different directions and I felt it was necessary to take a step back and ask for a release. Shoutout to Atlantic and everybody there, it was dope while it lasted.

Your last mixtape, “The New Religion” was received well. This seemed like a kind of dark project; do you feel the need to release something more upbeat as we move into 2013? Or is this the type of music that you think describes you best as an artist?

Phreshy: One thing people will understand about me is that I like to provide solid bodies of work. “The New Religion” was cohesive, it could have been an album. The sound and content all matched up like a puzzle. I just finished nearly half of my next tape, which is also 100% original and way more upbeat and soulful. “The New Religion” was dark, and was meant to be. It was euphoric, almost like one of those restless nights where you travel through good dreams and nightmares, it had a cool contrast. Stay tuned for this next project though, it’s a trip.

Speaking of 2013, any big plans for next year? Any projects or singles we should look forward to?

Phreshy: I got a project that I’m trying to release by the end of December, if I can get it mixed and mastered in time. I also got a song called “Black Impala” that features one of my favorite artists of all-time. 2013 will come with a tour and support from a major label, I can guarantee that.

On “The New Religion” you had some big-name features such as Jon Connor and YMCMB’s Cory Gunz. Is there anybody else that you’d like to work with?

Phreshy: I want to work with anybody pushing boundaries in music, man. My music doesn’t depend on features, though. When the opportunity presents itself, I might name-drop a few people I’d wanna hear with me on a NYLZ beat. I don’t think they deserve that yet, though.

NYLZ has produced a lot of your music, and done a great job. Are there any other producers you’re looking to work with?

Phreshy: NYLZ been with me since day one and I honestly don’t think anybody can come close to what he does. When I need some less creative shit then I might go fuck with some next guys. Shoutout to Daniel Worthy also, he’s also one of the best.

Collaborations aside, whose stuff are you currently a fan of? Are there any albums or artists getting heavy rotation in Phreshy’s iTunes library?

Phreshy: I’ve been listening to a lot of Kendrick [Lamar] lately, other than that I’ve been way too busy listening to instrumentals and my new shit.

Thanks a lot, Phreshy. We’re all excited to hear the new stuff. Anything else you want to let the people or your fans know?

Phreshy: Be prepared… These next few chess moves should change everything.

Follow Phreshy @PhreshyDuzit on Twitter. Read our review of “The New Religion” and go download that project now.



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