December 3rd, 2012

DEFcember Interview Series: Chrishan

Alex Smith @_ALEXsmith1

Chrishan is a singer-songwriter/producer from Minnesota. Entering the scene back in 2009 with his debut album “Night & Day”, the 23 year-old has been making a name for himself with his own music, along with writing for other well-known artists. He’s getting ready to release his fourth studio album, “Forever”. He took some time out from recording to talk to Def Pen’s Alex Smith about the new album.

First off, for those who might’ve been sleeping under a rock the past few years, can you tell the people a little about who you are?

Chrishan: What’s up?! I go by the name Chrishan, a.k.a. Chrishan the Prince. I’m a singer-songwriter and producer from Minnesota. You might have heard a few songs.

And you’re working on your next album “Forever”, right? Your last albums were all great, is there anything about this one that makes it different from the previous ones?

Chrishan: I really took my time piecing this one together. This was one of those years where everything I’ve been trying to say and do really just fell into place.

Most people know you well from your “Night & Day” album series. You left off with the second installment, “Night & Day: Platinum Edition” last year. Is “Forever” the third album in the series or is it completely separate?

Chrishan: Forever is the last of the Night & Day series. This series is based on some of my past relationships, so I think this was my way of bringing them to a close.

Your last album “Heart of a Lion” was a lot more R&B-heavy than the more aggressive style you became known for with the “Night & Day” series. Does “Forever” re-introduce that Hip-Hop/R&B crossover sound from “Night & Day” or will there be more ballad-type tracks on it?

Chrishan: There’s a mix of both. With “Heart of a Lion”, it was exclusively for Japan. I really didn’t have any creative control over it.

You’ve been pretty consistent with releasing music of your own over the past few years. In addition to recording your own music, you’ve been working with a lot of other artists doing songwriting and producing, too, right?

Chrishan: Yeah! I’ve been working a lot with Kevin McCall. We did this crazy record with Problem & Finnaticz. I’ve also been working with T. Mills, Kid Ink, OMG Girlz and a lot more.

Tell us about your “Money & Liquor” project.

Chrishan: That’s my new mixtape, hosted by DJ Tech of Tha Alumni. It comes out December 3rd via HotNewHipHop. I go back with DJ Ill Will so I trust him. He knows when things are ready or not, you know? I had announced a release date earlier this year but I kept going back and forth. I’m just never satisfied and it got to the point where he was like, “What are you waiting for?”

Well, thanks for taking the time out to do this interview with us, Chrishan. Last question: You dropped your first “Night & Day” album back in 2009. It’s been almost 3 years since then. What message do you have for your fans who have been rocking with you since then and what do you have to say about the years to come?

Chrishan: No problem! I just wanna say it’s been a pleasure and get ready for the next chapter…

Follow Chrishan @PrinceChrishan on Twitter. “Money & Liquor” is available now. “Forever” releases worldwide on December 18th.

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