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Def Pen is looking to add passionate, driven, motivated team players who want to contribute and help build a brand. The Def Pen brand has grown tremendously over the years but its time to add more people to our team.

We’re looking to add some contributors to our team. From sneakers to movies to sports, music, fashion, video games and everything in between, Def Pen makes an effort to try and cover the best and latest in many avenues. Now it’s time to add more people looking to get their start in the digital media world. We’re planning on growing and we want to bring you with us.

Def Pen content has been featured on some of the world’s most credible media outlets including the Huffington Post, Sports Illustrated, SB Nation, Bleacher Report, CBS, Yahoo, Fox, NBC, NBA TV, The Score, Sporting News and the list goes on.

We’re not promising lavish things but instead we want to present everyone with an opportunity that many other places wouldn’t give to the average person looking to make a name for themselves. We’re looking to grow our brand and we need the right people on board to do that.

While having a degree in your field and prior experience is excellent, it is not required to apply and join our squad. When it comes to Def Pen, it’s simple. We want to bring on people who want to consistently work hard, bring new ideas and work towards the end goal of helping the site grow as a whole. Def Pen is a team, we’re not looking out for the benefits of one single person.

As an independent media outlet, we’re free of any censorship from corporate suits or executives. The only thing we ask is you work closely with your section leader and work together to produce new ideas for content. Also, if there’s something here you see a friend might be interested in, by all means, share the link and help them out. We’re always looking to expand our team.

Below are some of the positions we’re looking to fill. If you feel like you’d work well with one of these sections, please contact the person associated with that team.

Def Pen Social Media

If you have the itch to tweet about the happenings around the world of music, movies, fashion, tech television, and pop culture but you don’t have a platform to do it? Look no further. We’re looking to add funny, smart and creative people who keep up to date with the latest trends. Of course, you must be knowledgeable on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat

If this description fits you, what’re you waiting for?

Contact: [email protected]

Def Pen Music Writer

Def Pen is looking to add writers to our team who are interested in writing about music and everything to do with it. From album streams, music news, music videos, tour date releases, festival previews and everything in between, we want to bring the content to the people. We’re looking to add more people to our team and help bring members of the staff to different events, album releases and even concerts or festivals. It can all be possible and it starts with the team putting in the work and producing content. You must be a good writer and knowledgeable about the subject in music you want to write about.

Contact: [email protected]

Def Pen Kicks Writer

Sneakerheads unite! Def Pen is looking to add to our already vast coverage in the sneakers section. We want to add people who have a passion for kicks. We want to add those who like to talk about kicks and get excited when images of sneakers come out or when drop dates get announced. If you have a strong knowledge about sneakers and have a passion for writing about it for the masses then look to join the Def Pen Kicks team.

Contact: [email protected]

Def Pen Movies/Television Writer

Blockbuster hits and sitcoms galore, Def Pen is looking to add those who are passionate about Movies, television and any type of visual art that comes out for the world to enjoy. From breaking news about casts being named or shows returning to production, the news about movies and television never stops. If you like to talk about the big screen or the small screen in your living room, Def Pen media is looking to bring that news to the masses.

Contact: [email protected]

Def Pen Kicks Social Media

If writing isn’t your strong suit but you are very invested in still talking about kicks, then maybe social media is the avenue for you. We’re looking to expand our coverage on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook but we need the right creator to do that. If sneakers get you excited and you classify as a ‘sneakerhead’, then join the Def Pen Kicks team right now.

Contact: [email protected]

Def Pen Tech Writer

The people want the technology, it’s just a fact. Whether the latest iPhone is being released, a new gaming system is dropping or a new streaming device is being launched, the tech is always a topic of conversation. From new video games to computer programs, people have a need for the latest and greatest information in the technology world.

Contact: [email protected]

Def Pen Sports Social Media

If you have a passion for sports and being the first to share videos, pictures, GIFs or memes, then Def Pen Sports social media is the place for you. Whether your passion is basketball, football, baseball, hockey or combat sports and even the WWE, the social media world needs the freshest and latest content and we want to provide it.

Contact: [email protected]

Def Pen Sports Writer

Def Pen Sports is looking to expand our growing team. We already have a great staff of writers and creators on board but we can always use more. Whatever your passion is, in whatever sport, we will acclimate writers for that specific topic. MLB, NFL, NHL, Fantasy Sports, WWE and MMA writers unite and come on down. You must be knowledgeable in your sport of interest while also having a very strong writing base. Our editors are willing to work with writers to perfect and hone their craft but only if you are willing to contribute and produce on the same level as everyone else.

Contact: [email protected]

Graphic Designer

If you have a creative itch and want to help make graphics for both the site and social media then joining Def Pen as a graphic designer is the right move for you. We want to share great custom images for the world to see and enjoy while everyone is still talking about a specific topic. Can you use Photoshop and make people laugh on the internet? Do you know how to effectively increase social media engagement and create viral content? From sneaker release dates to quotes from an athlete or even just a dream graphic pairing two artists together, the possibilities are endless.

Contact: [email protected]

Video Editor

Video is the new wave in media, there’s no secret about that. Creative content makers are always in demand. From quick video edits for social media to editing a feature video piece together, the demand for video editors is at an all-time high. Whether you prefer final cut pro, ScreenFlow, adobe premiere pro, after effects or even apple iMovie, the platform for creating videos is there. Def Pen is the medium to produce it for.

Contact: [email protected]



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