Deadpool 2
Ryan Reynolds announces that Atlanta star Zazie Beetz will play Cable’s mutant love-interest in Deadpool 2. Cred. Damion Reid

The second instalment in the Deadpool franchise has been receiving a lot of media coverage due to the teaser that was shown in many theatres around the world during the Logan movie just last month. It raises a couple of questions about what we can expect from Deadpool 2, as well as what characters may be arriving in the universe, including X-force members, Cable and Domino. Although we’ve got multiple reports, including one that has Scandal star Kerry Washington and Moonlight actress Janelle Monae were previously linked to the casting of the mutant character, Domino. Ryan Reynolds himself put the rumours to bed, by announcing on Twitter that Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz will star as Domino in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

Domino is the mutant love interest of another hinted-at Deadpool character, Cable. She has powers of probability, which allows her to get in and out of sticky situations with ease; add that to her marksmanship and hand-to-hand combat abilities, and she becomes one deadly mutant.

In the teaser, we see Ryan Reynolds as the anti-hero mercenary, trying to tap into his superhero side and save a crime that is happening behind him. However, when he gets into the telephone booth to change into his attire, he struggles as the crime behind him gets progressively worse. The big hints at Deadpool 2 occurs when we can see ‘Nathan Summers, coming soon’ spray painted on the Telephone Booth as the scene plays out. As many may know, this is a hint at beloved mutant and teammate of Deadpool’s, Cable.

The movie is set to release in 2018 and it seems like the last main character remaining to be casted is Cable, who is also set to lead the team-up with Deadpool in the X-force movie set to come out in 2019. It will be up to Marvel and Fox to get this project going over the next year. Either way, the success of the first Deadpool movie makes us even more excited that Domino will be included for the next instalment.


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