May 1st, 2017

Black and White Version of ‘Logan’ Coming to Theaters

Martin Soaries @marsoaries

‘Logan’ is coming back to theaters in a different color (photo via Fox Studios)

This year’s slate of films for the Marvel Cinematic Universe kicked off with the R-rated Logan in March. It was an entirely new adaptation of Wolverine, one that brought great pleasure to the tenured fans of the comics. The film has earned over $600 million globally and is considered arguably the best movie of the Fox franchise.

Director James Mangold recently tweeted confirmation that a black and white version of Logan will be coming to theaters in May.

Apparently, the film will only be released in U.S. theaters.

This project speaks volumes to the reception of the movie for there to be another release in black and white. The concept also speaks to the Western, almost cowboy feel of Logan, where producing a black and white version would visualize the film in a different light. It’s a new and different approach for Marvel and Fox, which is fitting as this movie represented an entirely different standard and tone than the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It also obviously gives fans a chance to see the film again or for the first time if they missed the initial release. Seeing this interpretation could inspire more viewings of the original version. And who knows, depending on the reception of this concept, perhaps we’ll see more experimenting with alternate versions of films. The content of Logan make sense for a black and white production, but for others, it could be some other approach. Mangold might be able to inspire a new trend using one of Marvel and Fox’s most unique films as the canvas.

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