6LACK PRBLMS The Late Late Show James Corden Performance

6LACK is an artist of the new school that many of us have had in our rotation for some time now. Delivering a great body of work with his debut album, Free 6LACK, fans have grown to become obsessed with the rapper/singer and his artistry.

Still getting his name out there, the “Free” singer stopped by The Late Late Show with James Corden to put on a performance that will only get more people talking and make loyal fans happy. Hitting the stage with a haunting showing, 6LACK put his chops on display with “PRBLMS,” which has become a notable hit for him. Backed by a band and just as good backup singers, the performance was perfectly executed in every way possible.

A shining star in today’s music climate, there’s nothing but greatness that awaits him. Check out his “PRBLMS” performance, below.



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