Sony Developing New ‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff Based On Silk | Def Pen

As Sony look for myriad ways to make the best use of their Spider-Man licensing deal, we’re now getting a Silk film.

Coming courtesy of The Wrap, Silk is now in development with Amy Pascal returning as Producer. Pascal is fast-becoming Sony’s very own Kevin Feige, overseeing everything from Spider-Man: Homecoming to Venom, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (which looks phenomenal) and Silver & Black (the Silver Sable/Black Cat spin-off).

The relatively unknown hero – at least to the average cinema goer, Silk has been a highlight of comics since debuting back in 2014 – Cindy Moon’s Korean-American heritage bodes very well for representation and diversity in the superhero genre, sitting nicely next to Black Panther and the upcoming Captain Marvel.

In terms of powers she’s nigh-on exactly the same as Peter Parker, having surprisingly been bitten by the same radioactive spider that granted his abilities in the first place. Whether that will become a contentious issue amongst a wider set of MCU fans, is surely going to be up for debate.

Not to mention, where Silk takes place in the timeline, how Venom factors into this, what Homecoming 2 will focus on and whether Miles Morales will make an appearance are all up in the air too, but between this and December’s animated Spiderverse flick, Sony are making all the right moves.


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