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Net Neutrality
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The FCC has proposed a plan where they will rollback Obama era net neutrality provisions. Here is a video from Vimeo that describes the whole situation:

Why is This Bad for Streaming Giants?

If net neutrality rules are rolled back, your internet service provider could potentially prioritize their own content over a competitor’s. If Time Warner goes to war with Netflix, it could potentially slow down or block Netflix from its service, leaving you frustrated as a viewer, waiting for long load times. Google is also an internet provider in many communities through Google Fiber, and could potentially prioritize their own YouTube offerings against Vimeo or other platforms. Rolling back net neutrality would pave a way for Comcast, Time Warner and Google to make similar decisions about what content they do or do not want on their services, and shutting down platforms, pages or individual films purely because they don’t want to include it into there streaming packages.

Now looking through the filmmakers perspective, if your project ends up on any streaming services, it robs of potential audience members because of a corporate squabble. While that is a hypothetical, Netflix and Comcast have budded heads in the past, resulting in Comcast slowing Netflix speeds.

What can you do?

Well, first you can contact your state representatives and tell them you want your internet to remain neutral. You can also contact these three individuals specifically:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

These are the individuals that are behind the plan to end net neutrality.

To find your representatives you can look at WhoIsMyRepresentative. You can learn more about the fight to save net neutrality here. The vote for net neutrality will be held on December 14.


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