David Letterman’s Netflix show, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, saw former US President Barack Obama as the first guest. The host refused to discuss Donald Trump and his policies with him.

Similarly, the 45th president did not come up during the former Late Show host’s chat with George Clooney.

But when he sat down with the youngest Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai for the show’s third episode, he decided to question her about Trump.

“What do you think about President Trump?” Letterman asked the 20-year-old activist in their hour-long conversation. It was a question many viewers wish he had posed to Obama.

Instead of answering to him, Malala threw the question back at him. “Well, I’m in the UK, so what do you think about him?” she asked, deftly, raising up her hands in surrender.

Letterman laughed, telling her, “I have many things to say on this topic. And you want me to be candid, right?”

“I believe… oh, boy,” he continued, cautiously. “I feel personally, not politically, but personally, he is not fit to represent me. I don’t think he’s fit to represent anyone in this room.”

From there, Yousafzai agreed with him, zeroing in on Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslim immigrants from entering the country,

“I know, a ban on Muslims! And I’m a Muslim,” she said. “Some of the things have really disappointed me, things about sexual harassment and a ban on Muslims and racism. You see all these things and you feel that America, is known for human rights and a country of liberty and freedom, that country should be leading in terms of human rights.”

After this, Yousafzai talked about education, the role any government should play in it and the right to education.

“The governments need to invest more money into education. Business people, everyone who is part of society, they need to start thinking about investing in girls and their education. We just need an ambition and an intention. What to do is then easy,” said the Nobel Prize laureate.

“I would hope that many people would have stood up and stood up against extremists, against not just the extremists, not just the people, but against the ideology,” she answered frankly.

“Because that’s what we have to fight against: the ideology that exists there that does not accept women as equal to men [and] that does not accept women to have the right to education,” Yousafzai further added.

When asked by Letterman if she had aspirations to hold political positions, the 20-year-old replied, “No, to be honest people just assume that if you study PPE at Oxford then you are going to go into politics but that’s not true. There are some politicians who have studied this course such as David Cameron and Benazir Bhutto.”

Malala is the latest in an impressive guest lineup on Letterman’s Netflix series. Barack Obama and George Clooney were the first two to sit down with the host. The rest of the first season will include interviews with Tina Fey, Jay-Z, and Howard Stern. A new episode arrives on Netflix every month.



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