April 30th, 2017

You Can Watch Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Thanks To A Hacker

Esfandiar Baraheni @JustESBaraheni
Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black Season 5 has been leaked online by anonymous hackers, after threatening Netflix. Cred. Netflix

If you thought you had have to wait another month to watch your favourite women inmates in Orange Is The New Black, then you’re wrong. What was originally slated for a June 9th release has been leaked online everywhere by an anonymous hacker who calls himself the ‘darkoverlord’. Now ‘Lord’ knows why a hacker, out of all things, was trying to threaten Netflix with leaking one of it’s hit original tv shows.

The hackers sent a strange message to Netflix earlier on this week and claimed that if demands weren’t met, they would leak the highly anctipated 5th season of Orange Is The New Black.

“It didn’t have to be this way, Netflix,” “You’re going to lose a lot more money in all of this than what our modest offer was. We’re quite ashamed to breathe the same air as you. We figured a pragmatic business such as yourselves would see and understand the benefits of cooperating with a reasonable and merciful entity like ourselves.”

I guess Netflix does not negotiate with terrorists, because now there are 10 torrent files that can be found on Pirate Bay totalling up to 12 Gigabytes. If not, you can catch episode one on this very generous person’s Facebook page (@Dustin Nueman):

If by the time you’ve gotten to this post, all resources of finding the leaked series online, google ‘Pirate Bay’ and ‘Orange Is The New Black’ and you should be able to find a link.

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