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Back in early June, Moschino designer Jeremy Scott wowed the fashion world when he introduced the modern showgirl in Los Angeles. Inspired by the iconic performers of Las Vegas, this new line is all about the sequined denim, bright colors and, of course, the large feather headdresses.

In an interview with the Women’s Resort Show, Scott explained that his new line focuses on “the idea of a showgirl off-duty, kind of going home from the casino.” He supposed that the woman he imagined was in her jeans, rushing to get something to eat between shows or something, but still had some of her costume left on. “I kind of wanted to play with this idea,” Scott continued, “and it’s all with a little bit of glamor and love.”

During the show, iconic models including Miranda Kerr, Hailey Baldwin, and Stella Maxwell all made their way down the catwalk to the sound of slot machines and Elvis Presley’s legendary “Viva Las Vegas” track. “Jeremy is just a creative man,” Kerr explained, right before she hit the runway wearing a denim patchwork suit. “He’s passionate about what he does and he follows, you know, the rhythm to his own drum and I love that.”

Scott didn’t stop at Las Vegas showgirls though, as there were also Playboy bunnies, cowboy hats, and even pinup girls included Betty Boop. Some items were covered in sequins while others featured hot-rod flames, each and every piece representing a new element of the Las Vegas scene. Of course, while Jeremy Scott is undeniably talented and has good taste, he isn’t the first creative to be inspired by Sin City. In fact, many industries other than fashion have been inspired by Las Vegas throughout the decades, with some of the best works being revealed just this year. So, we thought we’d take a look at some more industries that have taken on the Las Vegas vibe and aesthetic over the last few years.

Wearable Vegas

We love Adidas boots here, and as we’re sure sports fans will remember the HSBC World Sevens Series arrived in the USA back in March 2017, bringing with them the limited-edition Adidas Rugby Sevens range. As Las Vegas was the fifth host of the Series this year, Adidas honored the city with the Adidas CrazyQuick Malice Las Vegas boots, which were worn by all Adidas-sponsored players. Lightweight, comfortable and innovative, the rugby boots are covered in sparkling lights as well as three reels from a slot machine, cleverly featuring ‘7’s.

The Las Vegas nostalgia is clear in the aesthetic of Mary Beth Heishman’s I Adorn U collection. Having grown up just a few streets away from The Strip, Heishman has always been moved by the “simple yet functional” use of cinder blocks and texture in Nevada desert buildings. It’s easy to see this in many of her pieces, particularly the Palm Desert necklace, which features a picture jasper on a sterling silver shield. Speaking to Vegas Magazine, Heishman said that the stone looked like a watercolor painting of the desert, reminding her of her home.

Entertainment Goes Vegas

It isn’t just clothing brands that are inspired by Las Vegas, as there are events around the world that truly get into the spirit of Sin City. One of these events takes place at The Horse Hospital in Camden, London where visitors will find cabaret, burlesque, and games inspired by the 1970s Vegas Strip. Every Friday night throughout July the quaint venue takes on a new vibe with Proud Cabaret Camden’s Viva Las Vegas, complete with Elvis hits, a wheel of fortune and even table games.

The World Wide Web is packed full of online games covering thousands of different genres. Many of these are casino games such as slots, poker, and roulette, similar to the games found in Sin City. As a clear nod to Las Vegas, brands like online casino operator Betway Casino have dedicated “Vegas” sections, but go beyond that too: branding table games with the essence of the city by naming them Vegas Downtown or Vegas Strip Blackjack, truly brings the vibe and aesthetic of Vegas into the gameplay. Of course, for casino game developers like Microgaming, creator of the aforementioned titles, paying tribute to Vegas doesn’t only mean adjusting visuals but also often offering Vegas-style rules for casino games.

Viva Las Vegas Furniture and… Food?

According to their website, Candian furniture company Leon’s “Las Vegas Collection” is based on the modern spectacle found in Las Vegas. The abstract, art-inspired tables available from $299 feature a circular cross-section in grey-finished solid woods, finished with a glass tabletop and set on a luxurious chrome base. The optimum place for these pieces is beside a leather sofa or loveseat, as the combination will bring some Las Vegas trendy style to a home.

For decades chefs and restaurants around the world have played around with themed recipes, with Las Vegas inspired food often still popping up online. However, perhaps the most famous Las Vegas-inspired recipe came from none other than the American fast food titan itself: McDonald’s. Back in 2012, the chain re-released its Big America campaign in numerous countries including Japan and Israel. One of these burgers was affectionately named the Las Vegas Burger and featured a beefy patty, spicy sautéed sliced beef, onion, lettuce and cream cheese sauce.

Of course, as Las Vegas has stood proudly over the Nevada desert since 1905, offering fun, fancy and debauchery to visitors it is no surprise that the town has inspired so many different industries. We’re sure there are plenty we missed out, so if you have a favorite Las Vegas-inspired brand or item let us know in the comments below.


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