August 15th, 2017 | Saahil Pawar

LeBron James Will Produce Netflix Series About Madam C.J. Walker Starring Octavia Spencer

Though arguably the most talented player in the NBA for the greater part of the last decade, LeBron James doesn’t limit his impact to just basketball. James has always been […]

jimmy kimmel trump Latest
August 15th, 2017 | Chris

Jimmy Kimmel Wrecks Trump On His Response To Charlottesville

Jimmy Kimmel took on the president last night in regard to his response to the tragedy in Charlottesville. Jimmy pulled no punches, landing blow after blow on to the president’s […]

August 14th, 2017 | Chris

Ray Donovan Recap: Season 5, Episode 2 ‘Las Vegas’

The second episode of Ray Donovan’s fifth season was a gut punch of emotions all around. Sad, hilarious, subtle, and extreme are all reasonable adjectives that could describe the most recent […]

abc shonda netflix Netflix
August 14th, 2017 | Chris

Shonda Rhimes To Leave ABC for Netflix

In a stunning turn of events, Netflix has just counter punched ABC and Disney after they said they would be removing all of their content from the streaming service. The […]

50 Cent Entertainment News
August 10th, 2017 | Henry

50 Cent Reveals ’50 Central’ Series Premiere Date

50 Cent is keeping the television money coming in. The Queens native announced that his sketch comedy series 50 Central will debut September 27. Last April, Fif said 50 Central […]

ray donovan abby season 5 TV
August 8th, 2017 | Chris

Ray Donovan Recap: Season 5, Episode One ‘Abby’

Ray Donovan season 5 began on a very different note from prior seasons. There’s no direct explanation of what is going on or what exactly has transpired since the last […]

netflix mark millar millarworld Movie News
August 7th, 2017 | Chris

Netflix Purchases Millarworld, Marking The Companies First Acquisition

Netflix announced earlier this morning that it has acquired comic book publisher Millarworld. Fanboys around the world are losing their minds over this mornings news and for good reason. Millarworld, […]

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