Russell Westbrook throws down dunks all the time. It is nothing new to see Westbrook throw down a dunk, right? Well this one that he threw down tonight was just one of the better ones. It was powerful and amazing. He cut behind his defender, Raymond Felton, and Stephen Adams saw him, got him the ball, and Westbrook took two steps and rose for a powerful dunk. After slamming the ball, Russ wanted to stay on the rim for a bit longer, so he pulled his head above the rim to make the dunk look even cooler before finally coming back to earth. Currently, the Thunder hold a 68 to 61 lead at the half. They are looking to close out this series tonight. Westbrook played a solid first half and is poised to get a triple-double. He currently has 16 points, 4 boards, and 5 assists on the night and Kevin Durant leads the team with 20 points.


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