April 20th, 2015

Video: Mayweather vs. Pacquiao HBO Special ‘At Last’

Charles Wall @CharlieAdrien

We only have two weeks until the biggest fight of recent memory will occur. That said, HBO premiered their documentary At Last this past Saturday. The docu followed all the events following up to the epic fight. We got to witness Mayweather’s thoughts and process as the fight approaches. Mostly, the show focused on Pacquiao’s preparation for the clash due to the fact that Floyd has a contract with Showtime.

The docu features past fights that lead to promoters and fans to believe that the showdown should happen and it’s done it such a way that you can leave with the feeling that this battle should’ve went down years ago. However, we have a set date of May 2nd, and it will be a everything we hoped for….or a long drawn out decision, which will make us puke.

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