Video: Kobe Bryant And Gerald Wallace Trash Talk | Def Pen

It wasn’t quite Mike toying with Dikembe Mutombo, but last night Kobe Bryant showed the Nets Gerald Wallace why you shouldn’t bet against the Mamba. As the encounter between the Lakers and Nets wound down, the tightly contested game became a free throw shooting contest as Brooklyn employed a ‘Hack-A-Dwight’ tactics to start before resorting to fouling other players just to stop the clock.

So, with the game score showing a 91-90 lead for the Lakers, Brooklyn fouled Bryant – who had just missed two of his four free-throws in the fourth – and put him on the line. Trying to distract the Lakers guard was Gerald Wallace who engaged in a bit of trash talk with Bryant as he prepared to shoot the second shot.

Bryant appeared to ask to Wallace, “How much you wanna put on it? How much you wanna put? You wanna put 5 (500)? Okay.”

Kobe made the second free throw and won the bet with Wallace, while the Lakers iced the game 93-90.


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