TwonDon is back with a new banger. While he has picked up a lot of attention as of late, due large in part to his ‘Letter to Folarin’, a message to his idol. The song served as the battery in Wale’s back to put out that music fans love and that he did. So with his name not out there for the people to take notice, Twon is back with a brand new record.

Serving as his most recent release as of now, ‘Supreme’ features some help from Jag and producer DJ Relly Rell on the boards. If you don’t know Relly Rell has worked with the likes of Fabolous, Wale and the lovely Kehlani, just to name a few. But it is the lyrical barrage our two rappers put on, which in respects to the East and West, for their respective coasts.

Leaving no chance to second guess their penmanship, listen to ‘Supreme’ below by TwonDon and Jag…



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