Seems like Tupac Shakur’s dreams of having his own cafe are soon about to become a reality. Next week, his estate will unveil Powamekka Cafe. The cafe, a concept the rapper dreamed about shortly before his death in 1996, will soon be in New York City.

For three days only, the Powamekka Cafe will take over the Lower East Side’s Sweet Chick restaurant. Throughout the restaurant, photos of the late rapper’s childhood, poetry, and music memorabilia will be on display for fans. Fans will also get to order some of Tupac’s favorite meals like gumbo, meatloaf, and his cousin’s famous fried chicken.

Tom Whalley, a trustee of the late rapper’s estate, said “Tupac’s creative vision was limitless. He was constantly working on ideas and plans that reached far beyond music and film. One of the things he was extremely passionate about was opening a restaurant – he even sketched out plans and a concept for a menu. We are proud to bring Tupac’s Powamekka Café to life.”

The Powamekka Cafe will be open from April 7 to April 9.


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