Trey Songz Nobody Else But You

Delivering a new single and album announcement in the same day, Trey Songz fans have a lot to be happy about at this very moment.

Just yesterday, the singer went on to unwrap an impressive amount of details surrounding his Tremaine album that will be delivered to the world in just over a month’s time. Sharing the album’s cover art and other details, there’s more where that came from as one of the album’s song’s has been released and lands music video treatment.

“Nobody Else But You” is a classic Trey Songz record that trades in his player ways by reinforcing his commitment and dedication to a special one and only. With a new tv show on VH1 on the way, the theme around the visual seems to fit right in with the show’s premise. Nevertheless, the focus is all on the music, which matters the most.

Check out the “Nobody Else But You” music video, now!


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