STREAM: Ray J & Chris Brown - 'Burn My Name' | Def Pen

Ray J Chris Brown Burn My Name

Coming as news that might have you scratching your head, no, this isn’t a joke.

Two men that have much more in common than many people might expect, Ray J and Chris Brown have undoubtedly had their fair share of “bad” publicity. Ranging from various occurrences, and even previously linking up with each other, musically, in the past, we now have more where they came from.

Completely out of left field and a project that I’m sure none of us were expected, Ray J and Chris Brown have released their new joint mixtape, Burn My Name. Made up of 10 tracks, Burn My Name blends the styles and aesthetic of both artists and just might be home to some new favorites that you may or may not want to admit to the public.

Nevertheless, it’s a new wave of music for fans of the two to get into and to thoroughly enjoy. Take your listen to Burn My Name and hear just what they came up with, below.


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